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An Introduction To Non-aristotelian Systems And General Semantics.

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Science would not be 'popularized' but analysed from a fundamental A epistemological point of view, compelling the speakers and authors of papers to analyse the deeper non-el, structural, and semantic foundations of experience, as well as of theories. The layman would benefit because he would be given a structural education readily understood, without being led astray by the older A 'popularization'. Later, if economically feasible, it is intended to issue a monthly International Non-aristotelian Review, and also to organize International Non-aristotelian Congresses.
The-system was the result of the s.r of the white race of more than two thousand years ago; it built up the doctrines, institutions., appropriate to this system. In those days, knowledge was very scanty; the interconnection of different peoples, vague; the means of communications, very primitive,. It may be considered that science, and particularly mathematics, began a A revolution by explicitly searching for structure and adjusting the structure of the scientific languages, which we usually call 'terminology','theories',. Modern conditions of life are, to a large extent, affected by A science but exploited by the thoroughly A doctrines of the commercialists, militarists, politicians, priests, lawyers., which results in a bewildering chaos, resulting in needless, great, and imposed suffering for the great masses of mankind, as exemplified by such cataclysms as wars, revolutions, unemployment, different economic crises,.
A disciplines, or science as such, are thoroughly beneficial to mankind at large; but an A exploitation and use of these A products are, and must be, a source of endless sufferings to the enormous majority of mankind, leading automatically to every kind of break-down. It is impossible to give a fuller analysis of this complex interrelation, as this would require a separate volume; I shall, therefore, tabulate only a few overlapping suggestions.
Biological Sciences.
Particularly medicine has discovered     Commercialized medicine unavailable to means of how to keep or restore        Kreat masses of poor people. Commer-health, how to eliminate suffering,        cialism, militarism, infantile dreams how to save and to prolong life .; but        of 'world empires' sponsor unintelli-medicine also gives means whereby        gent breeding in vast numbers which we may prevent the overpopulation of        runs up the prices of land and houses, this globe and so teaches us how to        lowers the price of labour, and sup-avoid great sufferings through over-        plies cannon-fodder,. The intelligent crowding, which results in bitter        control of numbers of population is struggle for food, shelter, employ-        prevented by jailing and otherwise ment., in turn, leading to wars,        persecuting scientific workers, which revolutions, unemployment,.                      persecution affects only the poor and