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An Introduction To Non-aristotelian Systems And General Semantics.

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non-aristotelian, scientific, adult Standards of Evaluation
Aristotelian, Infantile Standards of
Evaluation of Commercialism,
Militarism ,
Antiseptics, fundamental for medicine and the control of the increase or decrease in the population.
Drugs, fundamental for medicine.
Sponsoring of overpopulation by forcibly withholding knowledge from the masses.
Use of drugs in war to allow a soldier to suffer twice. Commercialized drug pedlars.
High explosives used for killing in the struggle for ultimately futile 'world empires'.
Food destroyed to keep up prices. Commercialization of drinking. The saloon, crimes, 'prohibitions', the financing of gangsters, corruption of government and justice,.
Poisonous gas in wars.
High explosives, necessary for agriculture, mining,.
Production of food products. Alcohol, wine, beer,.
Poisonous gas, necessary for the elimination of insects.
Law, as expressing some standards of evaluation.
Interpretations by commercialized lawyers to evade law, and the influencing of the wording of the law so as to make evasion possible. Lobbyists.
Commercialized newspapers., controlled by profits and advertisements, supplying stultifying, controlled material, stimulating the morbid potentialities of the mob, to increase circulation ,.
Commercialized advertisements. Schizophrenic play on words, the promoting of infantilism,.
Commercialized religions. Religions having outlived their usefulness, often become priestcraft as a source of income and control. The sponsoring of primitive and delusional standards of evaluation often for private gains. The imposition of primitive standards of evaluation involves pathological factors.
Newspapers, magazines ., giving most powerful educational means.
Other public prints, giving necessary or useful informations.
Religions represent primitive structural rationalizations, or primitive 'science'; intended, also, as guides for conduct and adjustment, under the structural assumptions of the epoch of their primitive origin.
Physics and Related Sciences. Aeroplanes, as means of communication and scientific exploring.
Automobiles, as means of transportation and pleasure.
Militarized aeroplanes, as means of destruction and murder.
Militarized automobiles, as means of destruction and suffering.