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An Introduction To Non-aristotelian Systems And General Semantics.

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non-aristotelian, scientific, adult Standards of Evaluation
Aristotelian, Infantile Standards of
Evaluation of Commercialism,
Militarism ,.
Physics and Related Sciences (continued).
Machinery and tools, as means to eliminate avoidable efforts and to benefit fully through natural resources; to give greater comfort and sanitary conditions; to allow greater leisure for cultural pursuits,.
Commercialized machines, as means tor larger individual profits and suffering for the increasing numbers of unemployed and starving masses. Mass production of guns, ammunitions., for mass extermination and destruction, and larger profits for the manufacturers and investors.
Commercialized moving pictures, stimulating and satisfying the erotic and morbid crowds, and for private propaganda.
Commercialized radio, advertisements, private propaganda, often stimulating morbid inclinations of the mob.
Commercialized railroads, as means for private gains and the control by a few of large areas and many people.
Tractors, as tanks and means of destruction and murder in wars.
Moving pictures, as powerful educational means.
Radio, as powerful means of communication and education.
Railroads, as means of public transportation.
Tractors, as means of transportation and sources of power in agriculture.
Public Servants.
Judges, as guardians of some standards of evaluation.
Lawyers, as assistants in the administration of justice.
Police, as an executive, regulating, safety-force.
Commercialized politicians, as judges, corruption, lack of justice,.
Commercialization and corruption of the legal profession. Means to evade or pervert justice.
Commercialization of police by politicians, corruption, combinations with the underworld,.
Sports, as means for preserving and building up health, co-ordinated orientation, fair play, and in a lesser degree as recreation.
Commercialization of sports, elimination of benefits. Gambling. Lowering of educational standards,.
From a A point of view, which eliminates primitive s.r, it becomes obvious that mankind represents an interdependent time-binding class of life, and any group of people who possess physical means for destruction and still preserve infantile standards of evaluation become a menace to the culture of the whole race. Under such conditions we must have agencies for an international exchange and evaluation of our standards, as well as methods which would help us in adjusting these standards.
At present, we must admit that with the modern, rapid, and international advancement of science we have fairly well-established interna-