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An Introduction To Non-aristotelian Systems And General Semantics.

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The differential methods involve semantic factors essential for a-system, the oo-valued semantics of probability and for sanity and cannot be longer disregarded.
The main pressing issues are twofold. One, to formulate methods which would impart thesemantic reactions of the calculus, which need not involve any technicalities, and can be imparted in the most elementary home or school education. The other is to draw the attention of specialists to these semantic problems so that they will work them out.
An attempt to solve the first issue has been undertaken in the present volume. The second task will probably be accomplished in the not too distant future.
It in earnestly suggested to all scientists, professional men and teachers, who are not mathematicians, to become familiar with differential methods and so acquire the appropriate semantic reactions. Experience, in many cases, has shown that this will assist them in acquiring semantic balance and 'mental' efficiency. Teachers and physicians in particular, would be greatly helped in their efforts to train children and patients in the reactions. The benefit is not in any 'calculations' whatsoever, but in the method and the related psycho-logical reactions.
There is an excellent, short, most elementary and amusing account of the calculus by Sylvanus P. Thompson Calculus Made Easy (Macmillan) which, for the present, is all that is needed for this purpose.