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"space" and "time" on the objective level. That would be an epoch-making structural discovery. Please demonstrate how to do it.'
The fact is, of course, that he cannot demonstrate the process, because he refers to identifications inside his skin; yet he is claiming to be able to show it objectively outside his skin. That ends this problem.
While speaking of Einstein's Theory, it will be well to mention a few of the many structural differences between the older newtonian and the new einsteinian mechanics.
In the-system, relative velocities were simply added. In the
einsteinian system which we will denote by, it is not so structurally simple. We must introduce the finite velocity of propagation of our signals, which alone give us the data, and so
The above formula involves the remarkable constant, c, the velocity of light. If we assume in the above formula that our velocity v' is equal to the velocity of light, c, we would have
This means that the addition of some velocity to the velocity of light does not alter the velocity of light, which thus appears as a limiting velocity. This applies to the difference of velocities where