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700              X. ON THE STRUCTURE OF 'MATTER'
lated and applied in practice, they result in a A. non-el, oo-valued orientation which involves the recognition of the tnultiordinality of terms. , which also solves the problems of quantum 'interpretations', the details of which I cannot enter into here.
Originally the quantum writers had an inclination to ascribe 'physical meaning' to waves. The present tendency of specialists is to regard the waves as 'purely symbolic', forgetting that experimentally something else besides the symbols 'bends around the corners'. From a
A point of view, when the problems of the multiordinality of such terms as 'observation', 'fact', 'reality'., are understood we will have to ascribe 'physical reality' to the waves, ascribe finer structure to the 'electron', . We would also have to abandon the A 'particle'-orientation and treat the 'electron', 'proton'. , in a
A, oo-valued way as minute fields, which under the present experimental conditions behave as 'particles'. This
A field-orientation suggests a great many possible interpretations, impossible in the A 'particle'-orientation.
Mathematically, the geometry of 'space filling' curves would have to be elaborated further so that we would better understand the structure of plenums, and this knowledge should be applied to physics.
We should also perform a direct series of experiments with a more elaborate Faraday box. A small wooden laboratory should be isolated from the rest of the world by every available energetic screen and physical experiments repeated under such new dynamic conditions. Technically the winding of, say, a foot thickness of insulated wires for different currents would not present any difficulties except for the door which should be also in the circuit. The eventual probable results of experiments in such a laboratory under different conditions could be calculated in advance, and it may be fairly well anticipated that at least significant discrepancies between the calculations and actual experiments would appear, throwing new light on the structure of the space-time plenum, the eventual connection between gravitation and electromagnetism , . Arguments alone will not help in this field and only experiments will point the pathway.
Because of the extensive literature dealing with the new quantum mechanics it seems unnecessary to dwell upon it any further, except by expressing
A oo-valued
the hope that some mathematicians and physicists will master the
orientation and will revise the theories now existing.
Section A. Introductory.
The new researches in the structure of the materials of the universe proceeded under unique conditions. On the one hand, since Planck in 1900 originated the quantum theory, which earlier elaboration we now call the classical quantum theory, the amount of experimental facts pointing in the direction of some quantum theory had become very convincing, yet, on the other hand, the lack of a structurally satisfactory theory to co-ordinate these new experimental facts was becoming distressing.