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An Introduction To Non-aristotelian Systems And General Semantics.

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A non-aristolelian system must deal with all these structural and semantic issues. It is hoped that once a-system is presented to the public, scientists and laymen will become more interested in the structural and semantic issues emphasized here, and that new and wider researches will be undertaken.
History shows that such hopes are not illusory. The greatest men of science have always had wide human aims and interests. From the non-ele-mentalistic point of view, they probably became productive geniuses because of this broad human urge. From the point of view of psychiatry, it is well known that 'mental' ills involve usually anti-social affective attitudes. When we see men with distinctly anti-social tendencies, no matter how they rationalize them, they are invariably ill in some way. A fully healthy individual is never antisocial.
That science should include structural and semantic factors of sanity may be a startling notion, but only at first! In the present analysis this turns out to be, rather unexpectedly, a necessity. But on second consideration we should rather expect it. Science and mathematics show the working of the 'human mind' at its best. Accordingly, we can learn from science and mathematics how this 'human mind' should work, to be at its best. Then we should make an analysis of science and mathematics from some wider structural and semantic point of view,the task which has been undertaken in the present work.
At this early stage it is, of course, of comparatively little importance to what extent this analysis turns out to be satisfactory. The main point is that it has been originated. If the present author fails, others, perhaps even because of his failure, may be stimulated to do it better. The great and vital thing is that it should be done, by someone.