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observation, to unconscious false assumptions, to hastiness, to superficiality, to habits of speech, to the structure of language used , . In fact, under the A -system it is practically impossible to avoid it, as we can witness it in such a comparatively advanced field as mathematics. The label 'identification' is applied to the semantic process of wrong evaluation going on inside of our skins on the un-speakable objective levels, when we are not aware of the differences between different orders of abstractions. When making it conscious, we may speak of the confusion of the orders of abstractions. To make such a process conscious, we must train in the differentiation or discrimination between different orders of abstractions, and distinguish the different orders by actually learning how to order them. Such training results in general consciousness of abstracting which is not inborn, nor fully acquired, even in university training, but which requires special training. Experiments in this field are extremely encouraging; in a number of cases, pathological individuals have become 'normal' and the 'unchangeable' human nature has been actually changed. Infantile reactions in adults are abolished, and this training becomes a general and simple method for prevention of future semantic disturbances of false evaluation which must result in maladjustment.
To stop identification we must discriminate or differentiate to the limit between what appears always as four-dimensional, absolute individual stages of processes and situations on all levels, verbal included. Let us follow briefly such an actual performance. If we realize (7) - we accept (11-15) - and on structural grounds reject the elementalism of the A trilogy as expressed in its 'psychology', 'logic', the division of 'space' and 'time',. We accept the non-elementalism of the A trilogy as expressed in the new terms in the present work and accept also 'space-time', . The difference is very serious in all fields, when carried consistently all through the system. As we actually deal with four-dimensional dynamic processes which must be considered continually different, and with world conditions changing also continually, statements about such structural conditions, in an extensional sense, must be considered as involving variables, generating propositional functions, doctrinal or system-functions, funktors , . But propositional functions, which involve variables, are neither 'true' nor 'false', but ambiguous, and to have a proposition we must assign a value to the variable by at least permanently, in principle, assigning a date to it. We must also introduce, in principle, and as a semantic attitude, numerical subscripts to our words. Thus 'apple' in the A -system represents a name attached to an intensional definition, and space-time considerations do not enter. The term is applied to a definition which might be considered as one-valued and permanent. Now obviously such a language and s.r are structurally non-similar to the world and our nervous system.
If we try to identify a name for a definition, implying permanence, with the objective level which is made up of absolute individuals, and represents ever-changing processes, we must live in a delusional world in which we should expect every kind of paradoxes and psycho-logical shocks.