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An Introduction To Non-aristotelian Systems And General Semantics.

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be described as a neuro-physiological technique for the elimination of false identification."
DOCTOR M. TRAMER, Priv.-Doz. in Psychiatry, University of Bern, Switzerland; Medical Director State Asylum, President Swiss Psychiatric Association. A Mathematician, Neurologist, formerly a co-worker with the late von Monakov, and a Psychiatrist.
"For almost three years I have had the opportunity to follow the researches of Count Korzybski. I recognized already from the formulation of 'time-binding' that his work deals with something fundamental. Further results of his researches justified this opinion. These affect not only our scientific thinking but also our daily lives. Korzybski now presents his work in a comprehensive form to the public, its study reveals that we have to deal with a structure of deeper foundations, the beginning of which have already appeared in different scientific domains, and particularly in physics. The general structure of the completed development of his thesis leads to the formulation of the urgent need for a fundamental analysis (revision) of our scientific language for which he blazes the trail. The means he selects to overcome the consequent difficulties of such an analysis, and to bring into the foreground the necessity for general structural thinking above all, are, in my opinion, results of fundamental importance."
DOCTOR WILLIAM A. WHITE, Professor of Psychiatry, George Washington University Medical School; Superintendent Saint Elizabeth's Hospital, Washington, D. C.
"Korzybski's concepts are to me very helpful, particularly his concepts of linearity, multiordinality, degrees of abstractions and finally of non-identity. I have always felt that such matters as are included in these concepts are of extreme importance to have as one's mental equipment. I am at one with Korzybski in many ways. Certainly I am sure that how we think about things is of as much importance as what we think about them. I congratulate the author upon the appearance of his book, and I think he has made a real contribution to the methodology of thinking."