Art Principles In Portrait Photography

How to Apply the Highest Classic Artistic Principles to your Photography.

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T HE author believes that art in America cannot make its way to the people without a medium that will educate. Illustration has done its part. It is a popular art and a popular language, and its influ ence continues.
Painting cannot become a vital feature in our country for a long time, owing to the absence of tradition and the comparatively slight opportunity afforded the ma jority for seeing the work of strong painters. Nor could the product of the talented few be other than limited in its influence even though it were to become far more accessible, for we must not lose sight of the truth that merely seeing or possessing pictures does not disclose the secret of their construction or necessarily impart to us wholesome impulses and deeper insight. Our limitations continue until we try to produce a creative work, and in the effort we gradually learn the pictorial language.
What is needed is an art so simple and in its first stages so nearly a mechanical operation that all may practise it.