Art Principles In Portrait Photography

How to Apply the Highest Classic Artistic Principles to your Photography.

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manipulating the photographic plate and creating beauty through the study and practice of composition.
In the following treatise the author offers an ex planation of the principles and processes that will remove photography from its limited conventionalities and place it among the free arts. Released from its bonds of custom, it may advance continually into new realms and become to the people an "art" in its true and vital sense. We shall then have attained that wholesome condition where there will be intelligent intercourse upon all art matters.
This preface would not be complete without an expression of gratitude to Mr. J. M. Appleton, for his most valuable assistance in the development of the processes and for his kindness in granting me the use of his New York studio where the photo-plates con tained in this book were made.
I also take pleasure in publicly acknowledging the encouragement afforded me by the endorsement of my manuscript by the Photographers' Association of America at its annual convention at Buffalo, and by a similar endorsement on the part of the Associations of New England and Ohio and Michigan.