Art Principles In Portrait Photography

How to Apply the Highest Classic Artistic Principles to your Photography.

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that certain rules will help him on his way, but that every rule is expansive and wonderfully adaptable to his personality, his needs and his ideas. He finds him self not one of a multitude enlisted in a scientific pro cess, but a free individual, growing freer as he advances in knowledge gained by study and practice. A new life opens, unclosed to him by the treasures of art. Where he was able only to see nature and to experi ence a vague longing to interpret her, he now gains a fuller understanding as he succeeds more and more in picturing her phases in the true art spirit. Here lies for him an unbounded source of study and inspira tion; he learns to aim at being an individuality as each of the masters was and is, and his art life has truly begun.
We quote again from a photographic magazine: "If mere fidelity to nature be the qualification for acknowledgment as art, then the merest photographic tyro of but one week's experience would be greater than all the artists of any time. For in no art of any kind has detail been obtained in the overwhelming way the camera gives it. At no time has there been recorded in picture form so much truth to physical fact."
Verily so full of detail is the literal photograph that unless we look for it the very detail is lost. We find ourselves gazing at the photograph, not feeling strongly
a large truth, receiving a large impression, but growing