Art Principles In Portrait Photography

How to Apply the Highest Classic Artistic Principles to your Photography.

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with which she is constantly associated. We must confess, therefore, that there is less naturalness in the picture than in the bunch of grasses. There is some thing repulsive in this affectation, it is destructive of the sense of reality we would have when representing human beings pictorially. Art is not "make believe," it is not artificiality, it deals in its healthiest state with truth. When making a picture of this woman we need not sacrifice her distinct character in order to make her attractive. We shall see in a later chapter how a desirable result has been attained.
Art takes its material from realities, but art con sists not of the realities. It is more nearly the impres sion of the realities and of the most vital truths, physical and spiritual. Art is from within.