Art Principles In Portrait Photography

How to Apply the Highest Classic Artistic Principles to your Photography.

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these added and changed effects is continued through the picture by the treatment of the hands and the coat; the inert folds, the materialism confronting us in the cloth texture in Fig. 27, have been pervaded in Fig. 28 with an emotional quality singularly in harmony with the rendering of this man's personality.
The spot arrangement of Fig. 25 is reproduced in.the pose of the figure in Fig. 29. Notice that although the face is full of character and naturally sympathetic, it does not hold our gaze because the newspaper constantly pulls our interest downward and forces us to divide our attention. Since in portraiture we endeavor to establish a truly live relationship be tween the one pictured and ourselves, we cannot, without utter destruction to the portrait element, per mit such inconsistencies to occur. The distribution of the spots should be so well directed and all else should so contribute to their support that the eye would sift vitality from the whole picture area and we would have the consciousness of a personality whose pres ence would permeate every part. Under these con ditions the eyes of the sitter become very effective as a means of direct communication with us. Illustra tion 30 has the subtlety of treatment that, refusing to be disturbed by the aggressiveness of the newspaper and harsh line of the cuff, establishes through "bal ance" the dominating interest about and in the face,