Art Principles In Portrait Photography

How to Apply the Highest Classic Artistic Principles to your Photography.

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the eyes gaining in expression. How much more real, plastic, healthy, restful is the face pictured in Fig. 30, and yet both are printed from the same negative, Fig. 29 before manipulation, Fig. 30 afterward.
Character, physical strength, dignity, soulfulness, beauty are gained in art through "treatment," as is witnessed in the transformation of Fig. 29 into Fig. 30. Over the head in Fig. 30 there is a circular light that lifts the figure into space, giving it erectness, strength of character. In Fig. 31 this light is missing, certain movements of the darks weigh down the forms and introduce a depression. Figure 29 can be pictorially developed by other means than the one we have chosen; in fact every touch upon the negative will change the character of the person portrayed. No other medium is so well calculated to help us to realize how facial and picture expression comes into being. Notice that the eyes, hair, ear, collar, background, coat, hands, cuff, are all immobile in Fig. 29, but the slight changes in Fig. 30 have brought the quiver, the liveliness, the life-likeness, into all the parts.
Facial expression is not a fixed thing. It is de pendent upon the treatment of its surroundings.