Art Principles In Portrait Photography

How to Apply the Highest Classic Artistic Principles to your Photography.

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a conventional one,-Fig. 34; a line extending from the frame to the spot has always its duplicate on the oppo site side. If a second spot is added as in Fig. 35, the conventional characteristics are not destroyed although we are aiming at the pictorial. It is not always easy to place the second dot so that the result will be free from the conventional. We find in Fig. 36 the dis tance from A to B is exactly the same as from C to D;
Fig. 38
Fig. 39
that A to C and C to E are the same. We have repeti tion, conventionality. If in Fig. 37 we change the position of the second spot, we avoid the repetition of Fig. 35; the distances from the side frame lines vary, A to B being longer than B to C, but we still have an error, for the distances from B to D and B to E are the same. Figure 38 is no better. In Fig. 39 there is an improvement; we have irregular distances created