Art Principles In Portrait Photography

How to Apply the Highest Classic Artistic Principles to your Photography.

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by the spots. But there is a fault in the sameness of their direction. The horizontal character of the frame is emphasized, as in Fig. 36 we had an emphasis upon the vertical, both leaning toward the conventional and therefore dangerous to the principle we are considering. In Fig. 40 we secure the pictorial element in the plac ing of this spot.
Fig. 44                                               Fig. 45
It is still more difficult to place a third spot cor rectly. In Fig. 41 the repetition is aggravated; we are tempted to count three. It would be harmful to place another dot in Fig. 37 so as to make Fig. 42, even though some of the distances are irregular, for the plane is evenly divided into two parts, therefore unpictorial, -Fig. 43. To elucidate Fig. 41 by means of a picture, imagine the light striking three objects, the face, feather in the hat, and one hand, thus placed,- Fig. 44. The result is painful. Figure 45 gives us the head and