Art Principles In Portrait Photography

How to Apply the Highest Classic Artistic Principles to your Photography.

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line A, Fig. 70. Line C "foils" this, above the hand; B relieves the two and quiets the obtrusiveness of the "royal staff" by sending a movement upward to the top frame; D contributes to the dignity of the figure. Many are the modifications that have been made, each having its purpose and each realizing an expression of the artist's thought. How we enjoy the workmanship, the perfection of the composition, the tenderness of expression, the healthy grasp of nature, and the lofty intentions and aspirations.
Photographers have sincerely tried to understand beauty, but failing to discover its relation to the pic torial their efforts have been misdirected. They have usually sought a fine type of man or woman, relying for their effects upon the character of the one and the grace and loveliness of the other. The truth that beauty is born of treatment cannot be grasped at once, nor is it easy to understand that the plainest sitter affords material as rich for pictorial beauty as does the physi cally perfect face or form.