Art Principles In Portrait Photography

How to Apply the Highest Classic Artistic Principles to your Photography.

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The upright rectangle has verticals that are faster, that have more impetus and are more powerful than its horizontals. The character of this frame is such that it strives upward, - at least has an upward intention.
When we compare the square with the upright rect angle, we notice that the square suggests nothing high, vast, or extended, but is stolid .and self-contained.
The upright rectangle, by the nature of its shape, will lend itself to the expression of pride, and, in some of its forms it assumes religious significance. When combined with certain curves it be comes expressive of the spirit ual - in the Gothic window, for example.
In the horizontal rectangle the greater rapidity is in the horizontal lines. The frame therefore has a running character, something tending toward continu ance. It is "spreading," and suitable for landscape where the horizon is to be much used, also where the flat foreground is of special interest, because the frame-shape suggests width and expanding powers. In figure work it would suggest a story-telling picture.