Art Principles In Portrait Photography

How to Apply the Highest Classic Artistic Principles to your Photography.

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Portraits expressing the inwardness of the sitter's nature, as Whistler's Mother, or his Carlyle;
Portraits revealing such traits of character as in tellectuality (Lenbach); as "soul" (Van Dyck); as aristocratic nature (Van Dyck);
Portraits of types, viz., the musician, the artist, the man of the church, the scholar, the business man, the warrior;
Portraits where the whole figure is to impress us by its fine form and carriage or its elaborate costume;
Portraits where the figure is chiefly an excuse for the beauty an artist can infuse by his handling of light and shade or his decorative treatment;
Portraits for pomp and authority, regal;
Portraits of children with playthings or animal pets;
Portraits in the open air.
It is possible to depict any or all of these when the artist or artist-photographer builds up his picture scheme from the foundation. Facial expression with out this basis is without substance or enduring interest.