Art Principles In Portrait Photography

How to Apply the Highest Classic Artistic Principles to your Photography.

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The most easily worked background is the one hav ing a tone half-way between the extremes of black and white. There is an advantage in hav ing it flat, but soft gradations of tone are no great obstacle.
A useful screen is one painted a modified white, and flat. It is effective with flesh tones, is sympathetic and tenderly supports white or light-colored gowns.-
The sombre black screen is well placed be hind men and it helps the portraits of women wearing black or dark gowns. It is not necessary to confine ourselves to the use of painted backgrounds, as any even-toned texture such as raw linen, silk, velure, or burlap will yield rich results. Burlaps may be recom mended when one has in mind landscape character istics as a support to the figure.
This texture yields a quality of depth and atmos phere that is very pleasing.
An excellent screen may be made in the following way: After linen has been placed on a stretcher, it is gone over with one coat of glue, applied very thin. When this has dried, it is painted over with lampblack, a little burnt sienna and as much flake white as is wanted, and these are mixed
with caseine, a sort of glue.