Art Principles In Portrait Photography

How to Apply the Highest Classic Artistic Principles to your Photography.

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The flesh quality and picture value of the hands have been brought back by the skilful use of Medium B, and the life-giving accents appear in the face. Medium B has also created the white touch represent ing the linen.
By reducing to blackness the full area of the shapes of the flowers in Fig. 66, a condition was prepared for the application of Medium B, by which means the creating of the light and shade of the complicated flower forms was fully in our power. We may facilitate our painting of flowers by adding pure linseed oil or turpentine, and we may obtain crispness in the petals by touching the Medium B in thin solution on the film side. The combined use of these mediums will soon show that while Medium A is fine in gradations, it also brings a certain dead quality into the print, which is counteracted by the life introduced by Medium B.
A still greater refinement of the technique is possible when we use Medium B on the film side wholly. It is applied thinly, having been rendered rather liquid by the admixture of turpentine. After the proper effect has been attained, the medium is allowed to dry; a quick-drying varnish is then poured over the film side of the plate. The varnish prevents the oil from adhering to the printing paper.