The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment
Without Glasses - online book

The Original Bates Method, for correcting vision defects

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CHAPTER I Introductory.........1
Prevalence of errors of refraction-Believed to be incurable and practically unpreventable-The eye re garded as a blunder of Nature-Facts which seem to justify this conclusion-Failure of all efforts to prevent the development of eye defects-Futility of prevailing methods of treatment-Conflict of facts with the theory of incurability of errors of refraction-These facts com monly explained away or ignored-The author unable to ignore them, or to accept current explanations- Finally forced to reject accepted theories.
Simultaneous Retinoscopy......17
Retinoscopy the source of much of the information presented in this book-What the retinoscope is-Its possibilities not realized-Commonly used only under artificial conditions-Used by the author under the con ditions of life on human beings and the lower animals- Thus many new facts were discovered-Conflict of these facts with accepted theories-Resulting investigations.
CHAPTER III Evidence For the Accepted Theory of Accommo dation ..........23
Development of the theory-Behavior of the lens in accommodation as noted by Helmholtz-General ac ceptance of these observations as facts-Abandonment by Arlt of the true explanation of accommodation- Inability of Helmholtz to explain satisfactorily the sup posed change of form in the lens-Question still unset tled-Apparent accommodation in lenseless eyes-Curi ous and unscientific theories advanced to account for it -Voluntary production of astigmatism-Impossibility of reconciling it with the theory of an inextensible eyeball.