The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment
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The Original Bates Method, for correcting vision defects

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CHAPTER IV                                   PAGE
The Truth About Accommodation As Demonstrated By Experiments on the Eye Muscles of Fish, Cats, Dogs, Rabbits and Other Animals . . 38
Disputed function of the external muscles of the eye ball-Once regarded as possible factors in accommoda tion-This idea dismissed after supposed demonstra tion that accommodation depends upon the lens-Au thor's experiments demonstrate that accommodation depends wholly upon these muscles-Accommodation prevented and produced at will by their manipulation- Also errors of refraction-The oblique muscles of ac commodation-The recti concerned in the production of hypermetropia and astigmatism-No accommodation with one oblique cut, paralyzed, or absent-Paralysis of accommodation in experimental animals accomplished only by injection of atropine deep into the orbit, so as to reach the oblique muscles - Accommodation un affected by removal of the lens-Fourth cranial nerve supplying superior oblique muscle a nerve of accom modation-Sources of error believed to have been elimi nated in experiments.
The Truth About Accommodation As Demonstrated
By a Study of Images Reflected From the
Cornea, Iris, Lens and Sclera.....54
Technique of Helmholtz defective-Image obtained by his method on the front of the lens not sufficiently distinct or stable to be measured-Failure of author to get reliable image with various sources of light-Suc cess with 1,000-watt lamp, diaphragm and condenser-Image photographed-Images on cornea, iris, lens and sclera also photographed - Results confirmed earlier observations-Eyeball changes its shape during accom modation-Lens does not-Strain to see at near-point produces hypermetropia-Strain to see at distance my opia-Method of obtaining the corneal image.
CHAPTER VI The Truth About Accommodation As Demonstrated
By Clinical Observations......69
Results of experimental work confirmed by clinical observations-Atropine supposed to prevent accommo dation-Conflict of facts with this theory-Normal ac commodation observed in eyes under influence of atro-