The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment
Without Glasses - online book

The Original Bates Method, for correcting vision defects

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xii                             Contents
of mental strain-Temporary relaxation easy-Perma nent relaxation may be difficult-Eyes not rested by sleep or tired by use-Rested only by resting the mind -Time required for a cure.
CHAPTER X Strain...........106
Foundation of the strain to see-Act of seeing passive -Same true of action of all sensory nerves-Their effi ciency impaired when made the subject of effort-The mind the source of all such efforts brought to bear upon the eye-Mental strain of any kind produces eyestrain- This strain takes many forms-Results in production of many abnormal conditions - Circulation disturbed by strain-Normal circulation restored by mental control- Thus errors of refraction and other abnormal conditions are cured.
CHAPTER XI Central Fixation........114
'The center of sight-The eye normally sees one part of everything it looks at best-Central fixation lost in all abnormal conditions of the eye-Cause of mental strain -With central fixation the eye is perfectly at rest-Can be used indefinitely without fatigue-Open and quiet- No wrinkles or dark circles around it-Visual axes par allel-With eccentric fixation the contrary is the case- Eccentric fixation cured by any method that relieves strain-Limits of vision determined by central fixation- Organic diseases relieved or cured by it-No limit can be set to its possibilities-Relation to general efficiency and general health.
CHAPTER XII Palming..........123
Relaxation with the eyes shut-With light excluded by palms of the hands (palming)-Evidence of complete relaxation in palming-Of incomplete relaxation-Diffi culties of palming-How dealt with-Futility of effort- All the sensory nerves relaxed by successful palming- Pain relieved in all parts of the body-Patients who succeed at once are quickly cured-A minority not helped and should try other methods.