The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment
Without Glasses - online book

The Original Bates Method, for correcting vision defects

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CHAPTER xiii                            PAGH
Memory As an Aid to Vision......136
Memory a test of relaxation-Memory of black most suitable for the purpose-Application of this fact to treatment of functional eye troubles-Sensation not a reliable index of strain-Memory of black is-Enables the patient to avoid conditions that produce strain- Conditions favorable to memory-Retention of mem ory under unfavorable conditions-Quick cures by its aid-A great help to other mental processes-Tests of a perfect memory.
Imagination As an Aid to Vision.....148
Retinal impressions interpreted by the mind-Memory or imagination normally used as an aid to sight-In im perfect sight the mind adds imperfections to the imper fect retinal image-Only a small part of the phenomena of refractive errors accounted for by the inaccuracy of the focus-Difference between the photographic picture when the camera is out of focus and the visual impres sions of the mind when the eye is out of focus-Patients helped by understanding of this fact-Dependence of imagination upon memory-Coincidence of both wkh sight-Perfect imagination dependent upon relaxation- Therefore imagination cures-Method of using it for this purpose-Remarkable cures effected by it.
Shifting and Swinging.......159
Apparent movement of objects regarded with normal vision-Due to unconscious shifting of the eye-Impos sibility of fixing a point for an appreciable length of time-lowering of vision by attempt to do so-Incon-spicuousness of normal shifting-Its incredible rapidity -Staring an important factor in the production of im perfect sight-Tendency to stare corrected by conscious shifting and realization of apparent movement resulting from it-Conditions of success with shifting-The uni versal swing-Methods of shifting-Cures effected by this means.
The Illusions of Imperfect and of Normal Sight . .172
Normal and abnormal illusions-Illusions of color- Of size-Of form-Of number-Of location-Of non existent objects-Of complementary colors-Of the