The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment
Without Glasses - online book

The Original Bates Method, for correcting vision defects

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color of the sun-Blind spots-Twinkling stars--Cause of illusions of imperfect sight-Voluntary production of illusions-Illusions of central fixation-Normal illu sions of color-Illusions produced by shifting-The up* right position of objects regarded an illusion.
Vision Under Adverse Conditions a Benefit to the Eye..........183
Erroneous ideas of ocular hygiene-Conditions suppos edly injurious may be a benefit to the eye-No foun dation for universal fear of the light-Temporary dis comfort but no permanent injury from it-Benefits of sun-gazing-Of looking at a strong electric light-Not light but darkness a danger to the eye-Sudden con trasts of light may be beneficial-Advantages of the movies-Benefits of reading fine print-Reading in mov ing vehicles-In a recumbent posture-Vision under diffi cult conditions good mental training.
Optimums and Pessimums......198
All objects not seen equally well when sight is imper fect-The eye has its optimums and pessimums-Some easily accounted for - Others unaccountable - Familiar objects optimums-Unfamiliar objects pessimums-Ex amples of unaccountable optimums and pessimums- Variability of optimums and pessimums-Test card usu ally a pessimum-Pessimums which the patient is not conscious of seeing-Pessimums associated with a strain to see-How pessimums may become optimums.
The Relief of Pain and Other Symptoms by the Aid
of the Memory........202
No pain felt when the memory is perfect-All the senses improved-Efficiency of the mind increased- Operations performed without anaesthetics - Organic disorders relieved-Facts not fully explained, but at tested by numerous proofs-Possible relationship of the principle involved to cures of Faith Curists and Chris tian Scientists.