The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment
Without Glasses - online book

The Original Bates Method, for correcting vision defects

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CHAPTER XX                              PAGE
Presbyopia: Its Cause and Cure.....210
Failure of near vision as age advances-Supposed normality of this phenomenon-Near-points expected at different ages-Many do not fit this schedule-Some never become presbyopic-Some retain normal vision for some objects while presbyopic for others-First and second of these classes of cases explained away or ig nored-Third not heretofore observed-Presbyopia both preventable and curable-Due to a strain to see at the near-point-No necessary connection with age-Lens may flatten and lose refractive power with advancing years, but not necessarily-Temporary increase of pres byopia by strain at the near-point-Temporary relief by closing the eyes or palming-Permanent relief by per manent relief of strain-How the author cured himself- Other cures-Danger of putting on glasses at the pres byopic age-Prevention of presbyopia.
Squint and Amblyopia: Their Cause                   . .221
Definition of squint-Theories as to its cause-Failure of these theories to fit the facts-Failure of operative treatment-St?'e of the vision not an important factor- Amblyopia ex anopsia-Association with squint not in variable-Supposed incurability-Spontaneous recovery -Curious forms of double vision in squint-Invariable association of squint and amblyopia with strain-Invari able relief following relief of strain-Voluntary produc tion of squint by strain.
CHAPTER XXII Squint and Amblyopia: Their Cure .... 227
Squint and amblyopia purely functional troubles- Cured by any method that relieves strain-Relaxation sometimes gained by voluntary increase of squint, or production of other kinds-Remarkable cure effected in this way-Strain relieved when patient is able to look more nearly in the proper direction-Proper use of a squinting eye encouraged by covering the good eye- Children cured by use of atropine in one or both eyes- Examples of cases cured by eye education.