The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment
Without Glasses - online book

The Original Bates Method, for correcting vision defects

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CHAPTER XXIII                            PAGE
Floating Specks: Their Cause and Cure . . . 236
Floating specks a common phenomenon of imperfect sight-Their appearance and behavior-Theories as to their origin-A fruitful field for the patent-medicine business-Examples of the needless alarm they have caused-May be seen at times by any one-Simply an illusion caused by mental strain-This strain easily re lieved-Illustrative cases.
CHAPTER XXIV Home Treatment........242
Many persons can cure themselves of defective sight- Only necessary to follow a few simple directions-How to test the sight-Children who have not worn glasses cured by reading the Snellen test card every day-Adults of the same class also benefited in a short time-Cases of adults and children who have worn glasses more diffi cult-Glasses must be discarded-How to make a test card-Need of a teacher in difficult cases-Qualifica tions of such teachers-Duty of parents.
Correspondence Treatment......246
Correspondence treatment usually regarded as quackery -Impossible in the case of most diseases-Errors of refraction, not being diseases, admit of such treatment- Glasses successfully fitted by mail-Less room for fail ure in correspondence treatment of imperfect sight with out glasses-Personal treatment more satisfactory, but not always available-Examples of cases cured by cor respondence-Need for the co-operation of local practi tioners in such treatment.
The Prevention of Myopia in Schools: Methods
That Failed.........251
A much debated question-Literature on the subject voluminous and unreliable-All that is certainly known -Studies of Cohn-Confirmation of his observations by other investigators in America and Europe-Increase of myopia during school life unanimously attributed to near work-Inadequacy of this theory-Failure of preventive measures based upon it-New difficulties-The appeal to heredity-To natural adaptation-Objections to these views-Why all preventive measures have failed.