The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment
Without Glasses - online book

The Original Bates Method, for correcting vision defects

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CHAPTER XXVII                           PAGE
The Prevention and Cure of Myopia and Other
Errors of Refraction in Schools: A Method That
Production of eyestrain by unfamiliar objects-Relief by familiar objects-Facts furnish the means of prevent ing and curing errors of refraction in schools-By this means children often gain normal vision with incredible rapidity-Results in schools of Grand Forks, N. D.; New York, and other cities-Improvement in mentality of children as eyesight improved-Reformation of tru ants and incorrigibles-Hypermetropia and astigmatism prevented and cured-Method succeeded best when teachers did not wear glasses-Success would be greater still under a more rational educational system-Preva lence of defective sight in American children-Its results -Practically all cases preventable and curable-Inex-pensiveness of method recommended-Imposes no addi tional burden on the teachers-Cannot possibly hurt the children-Directions for its use.
The Story of Emily........270
Cure of defective eyesight by cured patients-Cures of fellow students, parents and friends by school chil- % dren-Remarkable record of Emily-An illustration of the benefits to be expected from the author's method of preventing and curing imperfect sight in school chil dren.
Mind and Vision.........274
Poor sight one of the most fruitful causes of retarda tion in schools-More involved in it than inability to see -The result of an abnormal condition of the mind- This cannot be changed by glasses-Memory among faculties impaired when vision is impaired-Memory of primitive man may have been due to the same cause as his keen vision-A modern example of primitive memory combined with primitive keenness of vision-Corre spondence between differences in the faculty of memory and differences in visual acuity-Memory and eyesight of children spoiled by the same causes-Both dependent upon interest-Illustrative cases-All the mental facul ties improved when vision becomes normal-Examples of such improvement-Relief of symptoms of insanity by eye education-Facts indicate a close relation be tween the problems of vision and those of education.