The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment
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The Original Bates Method, for correcting vision defects

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Orthodox Explanations Fail             13
many cases in which errors of refraction either recov ered spontaneously, or changed their form, and I was unable either to ignore them, or to satisfy myself with
Fig. 5. The Eye As a Camera
The photographic apparatus; D, diaphragm made of circular overlapping plates of metal by means of which the opening through which the rays of light enter the chamber can be en larged or contracted; L, lens; R, sensitive plate (the retina of the eye ; AB, object to be photographed; ab, image on the sen sitive plate.
The eye: C, cornea where the rays of light undergo a first re fraction ; D, iris (the diaphragm of the camera); L, lens, where the light rays are again refracted; R, retina of the normal eye; AB, object of vision; ab, image in the normal or emmetropic eye; a'b', image in the hypermetropic eye; a" b", image in the myopic eye. Note that in a'b' and a" b", the rays are spread out upon the retina instead of being brought to a focus as in ab, the result being the formation of a blurred image.