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Observations of Helmholtz Accepted 27
and entirely overthrown........The fact that the eye is
accommodated for near vision by an increase in the curvature of its crystalline lens, is, then, incontestably proved."1
Fig. 10. Diagram by Which Helmholtz Illustrated His Theory
of Accommodation
R is supposed to be the resting state of the lens, in which it is adjusted for distant vision. In A the suspensory ligament is sup posed to have been relaxed through the contraction of the ciliary muscle, permitting the lens to bulge forward by virtue of its own elasticity.
"The question was decided," says Tscherning, "by the observation of the changes of the images of Purkinje dur ing accommodation, which prove that accommodation is effected by an increase of curvature of the anterior sur face of the crystalline lens."2
1 The Refraction and Accommodation of the Eye and their Anomalies, authorized translation by Culver, 1886, p. 151.
3 Physiologic Optics, authorized translation by Weiland, 1904, p. 163. Marius Hans Erik Tscherning (1854-) is a Danish ophthalmologist who for twenty-five years was co-director and director of the bphthalmological laboratory of the Sorbonne. Later he became professor of ophthalmology m the University of Copenhagen.