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The Original Bates Method, for correcting vision defects

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Another Puzzling Case                 35
have been produced by the action of the external mus cles." Under scopolamine, also, the man's accommoda tion was only slightly affected, the range at the near point being reduced only two and a half inches.
The ophthalmometer further showed the patient tc have absolutely no astigmatism. It had showed the same thing about three months after the operation, but three and a half weeks after it he had four and a half diopters.
Seeking further light upon the subject Dr. Davis now subjected to similar tests a case which had previously been reported by Webster in the "Archives of Pediat rics."1 The patient had been brought to Dr. Webster at the age of ten with double congenital cataract. The left lens had been absorbed as the result of successive needl ings, leaving only an opaque membrane, the lens capsule, while the right, which had not been interfered with, was sufficiently transparent around the edge to admit of useful vision. Dr. Webster made an opening in the membrane filling the pupil of the left eye, after which the vision of this eye, with a glass to replace the lens, was about equal to the vision of the right eye without a glass. Foi this reason Dr. Webster did not think it necessary tc give the patient distance glasses, and supplied him with reading glasses only-plane glass for the right eye and convex 16D for the left. On March 14, 1893, he returned and stated that he had been wearing his reading glasses all the time. With this glass it was found that he could read the twenty line of the test card at twenty feet, and read diamond type easily at fourteen inches. Subse quently the right lens was removed, after which no ac commodation was observed in this eye. Two years later
1 Nov., 1893, p. 932.