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The Original Bates Method, for correcting vision defects

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40 Accommodation: Experiments on Animals
In some cases one of the obliques is absent or rudi mentary, but when two of these muscles were present and active, accommodation, as measured by the objective test
Fig. 13. Demonstration Upon the Eye of a Rabbit that the Inferior Oblique Muscle is an Essential Factor in Accommo dation
No. 1.-The inferior ob lique muscle has been ex posed and two sutures are attached to it. Electrical stimulation of the eyeball produces accommodation, as demonstrated by simul taneous retinoscopy.
No. 2.-The muscle has been cut. Electrical stim ulation produces no ac commodation.
No. 3.-The muscle has been sewed together. Elec trical stimulation produces normal accommodation.
of retinoscopy, was always produced by electrical stimu lation either of the eyeball, or of the nerves of accommo dation near their origin in the brain. It was also pro-