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The Extrinsic Muscles in Refractive Errors 43
After one or both of the obliques had been cut across, or after they had been paralyzed by the injection of atro pine deep into the orbit, accommodation could never be
Fig. 16. Demonstration Upon the Eye of a Fish That the Production of Myopic and Hypermetropic Refraction Is Dependent Upon the Action of the Extrinsic Muscles.
Suture tied to the insertion of the superior rectus muscle. By means of strong traction upon the suture the eyeball is turned in its socket, and by tying the thread to a pair of fixation forceps which grasp the lower jaw, it is maintained in this position. A high degree of mixed astigmatism as produced, as demonstrated by simultaneous retinoscopy. When the superior oblique is di vided the myopic part of the astigmatism disappears, and when the inferior rectus is cut the hypermetropic part disappears, and the eye becomes normal-adjusted for distant vision-although the same amount of traction is maintained. It is evident that these muscles are essential factors in the production of myopia and hypermetropia.