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The Original Bates Method, for correcting vision defects

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The Recti in Hypermetropia             47
the myopic part of the astigmatism disappeared. Simi larly after the superior or the inferior rectus had been cut the hypermetropic part of the astigmatism disap peared. Advancement of the two obliques, with ad vancement of the superior and inferior recti, always pro duced mixed astigmatism.
Fig. 19. Demonstration Upon the Eye of a Carp That the Recti Shorten the Visual Axis in Hypermetropia
R, rest. The eyeball is of normal length and emmetropic. Hy, hypermetropia. The pull of the external and internal recti has been strengthened by advancement, and the retinoscope shows that hypermetropia has been produced. It may easily be noted that the eyeball is shorter. The rule shows that the focus of the camera was not appreciably changed between the taking of the two pictures.
Eyes from which the lens had been removed, or in which it had been pushed out of the axis of vision, re sponded to electrical stimulation precisely as did the normal eye, so long as the muscles were active; but