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50 Accommodation: Experiments on Animals
In most text-books on physiology it is stated that ac commodation is controlled by the third cranial nerve, which supplies all the muscles of the eyeball except the superior oblique and the external rectus; but the fourth cranial nerve, which supplies only the superior oblique, was found in these experiments to be just as much a nerve of accommodation as the third. When either the third or the fourth nerve was stimulated with electricity near its point of origin in the brain accommodation al-
Fig. 22. Experiment Upon the Eye of a Cat Demonstrating That the Fourth Nerve, Which Supplies Only the Superior Oblique Muscle, Is Just as Much a Nerve of Accommodation As the Third, and That the Superior Oblique Muscle Which It Supplies Is a Muscle of Accommodation.
No. 1.-Both nerves have been exposed near their origin in the brain, and a strip of black paper has been inserted beneath each to render it visible. The fourth nerve is the smaller one. The superior oblique muscle has been advanced by a tucking operation, as this muscle is always rudimentary in cats, and unless its pull is strengthened, accommodation cannot be pro duced in these animals. Stimulation of either or both nerves by the faradic current produced accommodation.
No. 2.-When the fourth nerve was covered with cotton soaked in a normal salt solution, the application of the faradic current to the cotton produced accommodation. When the cot ton was soaked in a one per cent solution of atropine sulphate in a normal salt solution, such application produced no accom modation, but stimulation of the third nerve did produce it.