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Inconstancy of Candle Image            57
unable, either with a diaphragm or without it, to obtain images which I considered sufficiently distinct to be reliable.
Men who had been teaching and demonstrating Helm-holtz's theory repeated his experiments for my benefit; but the images which they obtained on the front of the lens did not seem to me any better than my own. After
Fig. 26. Image of Electric Filament on the Front of the Lens
R, rest; A, accommodation. Under the magnifying glass no change can be observed in the size of the two images. The image at the right looks larger only because it is more distinct. To support the theory of Helmholz it ought to be the smaller. The comet's tail at the left of the two images is an accidental reflection from the cornea. The spot of light beneath is a reflec tion from the light used to illuminate the eye while the photo graphs were being taken. It took two years to get these pictures.
studying these images almost daily for more than a year I was unable to make any reliable observation regarding the effect of accommodation upon them. In fact, it seemed that an infinite number of appearances might be obtained on the front of the lens when a candle was used as the source of illumination. At times the image be came smaller during accommodation and seemed to sus tain the theory of Helmholtz; but just as frequently it became larger. At other times it was impossible to tell what it did.