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62        Accommodation: Study of Images
labored with the light for two or three hours without finding the right angle. At other times the axis would remain unchanged for days, giving always a clear, dis tinct image.
Fig. 29. Image of Electric Filament on the Front of the Sclera
R, rest; A, accommodation. During accommodation the front of the sclera becomes more convex, because the eyeball has elongated, just as a camera is elongated when it is focussed upon a near object. The spot of light on the cornea is an accidental reflection.
The results of these experiments confirmed the conclu sions drawn from the previous ones, namely, that accom modation is due to a lengthening of the eyeball, and not to a change in the curvature of the lens. They also con firmed, in a striking manner, my earlier conclusions as to the conditions under which myopia and hypermetropia are produced.1
The images photographed from the front of the lens did not show any change in size or form during accom modation. The image on the back of the lens also re mained unchanged, as observed through the telescope of the ophthalmometer; but as there is no dispute about its behavior during accommodation, it was not photo graphed. Images photographed from the iris before
Cause of Myopia, N. Y. Med. Jour., March 16, 1912.