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70 Accommodation: Clinical Observations
atropine ought to bring out latent hypermetropia in eyes either apparently normal, or manifestly hypermetropic, provided, of course, the patient is of the age during which the lens is supposed to retain its elasticity. The fact is that it sometimes produces myopia, or changes hyper metropia into myopia, and that it will produce both myopia and hypermetropia in persons over seventy years of age, when the lens is supposed to be as hard as a stone, as well as in cases in which the lens is hard with incipient cataract. Patients with eyes apparently nor mal will, after the use of atropine, develop hypermetropic astigmatism, or myopic astigmatism, or compound my opic astigmatism, or mixed astigmatism.1 In other cases the drug will not interfere with the accommodation, or alter the refraction in any way. Furthermore, when the vision has been lowered by atropine the subjects have often become able, simply by resting their eyes, to read diamond type at six inches. Yet atropine is supposed to rest the eyes by affording relief to an overworked muscle. In the treatment of squint and amblyopia I have often used atropine in the better eye for more than a year, in order to encourage the use of the amblyopic eye; and at the end of this time, while still under the influence of atropine, such eyes have become able in a few hours, or less, to read diamond type at six inches (see Chapter XXII). The following are examples of many similar cases that might be cited:
A boy of ten had hypermetropia in both eyes, that of
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