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72 Accommodation: Clinical Observations
little girl of six who had two and a half diopters of hyper metropia in her right or better eye, and six in the other, with one diopter of astigmatism. With the better eye under the influence of atropine and the pupil dilated to the maximum, both eyes were treated together for more than a year, and at the end of that time, the right being still under the influence of the atropine, both became able to read diamond type at six inches, the right doing it better, if anything, than the left. Thus, in spite of the atropine, the right eye not only overcame two and a half diopters of hypermetropia, but added six diopters of ac commodation, making a total of eight and a half. In order to eliminate all possibility of latent hypermetropia in the left eye-which in the beginning had six diopters -the atropine was now used in this eye and discontinued in the other, the eye education being continued as before. Under the influence of the drug there was a slight return of the hypermetropia; but the vision quickly became normal again, and although the atropine was used daily for more than a year, the pupil being continually dilated to the maximum, it remained so, diamond type being read at six inches without glasses during the whole period. It is difficult for me to conceive how the ciliary muscle could have had anything to do with the ability of this patient to accommodate after atropine had been used in each eye separately for a year or more at a time. According to the current theory, atropine paralyzes the ciliary muscle and thus, by preventing a change of curvature in the lens, prevents accommodation. When accommodation occurs, therefore, after the prolonged use of atropine, it is evident that it must be due to some factor or factors other than the lens and the ciliary muscle. The evidence of such cases against the accepted