The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment
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The Original Bates Method, for correcting vision defects

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with only a slight error of refraction, and while the relief of one strain usually means the relief of any others that may coexist with it, it sometimes happens that the strain associated with such conditions as cataract and glau coma is relieved without the complete relief of the strain that causes the error of refraction. Even the pain that so often accompanies errors of refraction is never caused by the same strain that causes these errors. Some my opes cannot read without pain or discomfort, but most of them suffer no inconvenience. When the hyperme-trope regards an object at the distance the hyperme-tropia is lessened, but pain and discomfort may be in creased. While there are many strains, however, there is only one cure for all of them, namely, relaxation.
The health of the eye depends upon the blood, and circulation is very largely influenced by thought. When thought is normal-that is, not attended by any excite ment or strain-the circulation in the brain is normal, the supply of blood to the optic nerve and the visual centers is normal, and the vision is perfect. When thought is abnormal the circulation is disturbed, the supply of blood to the optic nerve and visual centers is altered, and the vision lowered. We can consciously think thoughts which disturb the circulation and lower the visual power; we can also consciously think thoughts that will restore normal circulation, and thereby cure, not only all errors of refraction, but many other abnor mal conditions of the eyes. We cannot by any amount of effort make ourselves see, but by learning to control our thoughts we can accomplish that end indirectly.
You can teach people how to produce any error of refraction, how to produce a squint, how to see two images of an object, one above another, or side by side,