The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment
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The Original Bates Method, for correcting vision defects

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As Quick as Thought                113
or at any desired angle from one another, simply by teaching them how to think in a particular way. When the disturbing thought is replaced by one that relaxes, the squint disappears, the double vision and the errors of refraction are corrected; and this is as true of abnor-malties of long standing as of those produced volun tarily. No matter what their degree or their duration their cure is accomplished just as soon as the patient is able to secure mental control. The cause of any error of refraction, of a squint, or of any other functional dis turbance of the eye, is simply a thought-a wrong thought-and the cure is as quick as the thought that relaxes. In a fraction of a second the highest degrees of refractive error may be corrected, a squint may disap pear, or the blindness of amblyopia may be relieved. If the relaxation is only momentary, the correction is mo mentary. When it becomes permanent, the correction is permanent.
This relaxation cannot, however, be obtained by any sort of effort. It is fundamental that patients should understand this; for so long as they think, consciously or unconsciously, that relief from strain may be obtained by another strain their cure will be delayed.