The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment
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The Original Bates Method, for correcting vision defects

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122                     Central Fixation
disturbances of the eye disappear when it sees by central fixation, but many organic conditions are relieved or cured. I am unable to set any limits to its possibilities. I would not have ventured to predict that glaucoma, in cipient cataract and syphilitic iritis could be cured by cen tral fixation; but it is a fact that these conditions have disappeared when central fixation was attained. Relief was often obtained in a few minutes, and, in rare cases, this relief was permanent. Usually, however, a perma nent cure required more prolonged treatment. Inflam matory conditions of all kinds, including inflammation of the cornea, iris, conjunctiva, the various coats of the eyeball and even the optic nerve itself, have been bene fited by central fixation after other methods had failed. Infections, as well as diseases caused by protein poison ing and the poisons of typhoid fever, influenza, syphilis and gonorrhoea, have also been benefited by it. Even with a foreign body in the eye there is no redness and no pain so long as central fixation is retained.
Since central fixation is impossible without mental con trol, central fixaton of the eye means central fixation of the mind. It means, therefore, health in all parts of the body, for all the operations of the physical mechanism depend upon the mind. Not only the sight, but all the other senses-touch, taste, hearing and smell-are bene fited by central fixation. All the vital processes-digest-tion, assimilation, elimination, etc.-are improved by it. The symptoms of functional and organic diseases are relieved. The efficiency of the mind is enormously in creased. The benefits of central fixation already ob served are, in short, so great that the subject merits further investigation.