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Imperfect Memory Useful             129
better at that point than persons with hypermetropia or astigmatism do at any distance. Persons with high de grees of myopia, however, often find palming very diffi cult, since they not only see black very imperfectly, but, because of the effort they are making to see, cannot re member it more than one or two seconds. Any other con dition of the eye which prevents the patient from seeing black perfectly also makes palming difficult. In some cases black is never seen as black, appearing to be grey, yellow, brown, or even bright red. In such cases it is usually best for the patient to improve his sight by other methods before trying to palm. Blind persons usually have more trouble in seeing black than those who can see, but may be helped by the memory of a black object fa miliar to them before they lost their sight. A blind painter who saw grey continually when he first tried to palm became able at last to see black by the aid of the memory of black paint. He had no perception of light whatever and was in terrible pain; but when he succeeded in seeing black the pain vanished, and when he opened his eyes he saw light.
Even the imperfect memory of black is useful, for by its aid a still blacker black can be both remembered and seen; and this brings still further improvement. For instance, let the patient regard a letter on the Snellen test card at the distance at which the color is seen best, then close his eyes and remember it. If the palming produces relaxation, it will be possible to imagine a deeper shade of black than was seen, and by remembering this black when again regarding the letter it can be seen blacker than it was at first. A still deeper black can then be imagined, and this deeper black can, in turn, be trans ferred to the letter on the test card. By continuing this