The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment
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The Original Bates Method, for correcting vision defects

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140            Memory as an Aid to Vision
another, or from one part of a black object to another. By these means, and perhaps also through other influ ences that are not clearly understood, most patients be come able, sooner or later, to remember black for an in definite length of time with their eyes closed and covered. With the eyes open and looking at a blank surface with out trying consciously to see, the unconscious strain is lessened so that the patient becomes able to remember a black period, and all errors of refraction, as demon strated by the retinoscope, are corrected. This result has been found to be invariable, and so long as the sur face remains blank and the patient does not begin to remember or imagine things seen imperfectly, the mem ory and the vision may be retained. But if, with the improved vision, details upon the surface begin to come out, or if the patient begins to think of the test card, which he has seen imperfectly, the strain to see will re turn and the period will be lost.
When looking at a surface on which there is nothing particular to see, distance makes no difference to the memory, because the patient can always look at such a surface, no matter where it is, without straining to see it. When looking at letters, or other details, how ever, the memory is best at the point at which the pa tient's sight is best, because at that point the eyes and mind are more relaxed than when the same letters or ob jects are regarded at distances at which the vision is not so good. By practicing central fixation at the most favor able distance, therefore, and using any other means of improving the vision which are found effectual, the mem ory of the period may be improved, in some cases, very rapidly.
If the relaxation gained under these favorable condi-