The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment
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The Original Bates Method, for correcting vision defects

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156         Imagination as an Aid to Vision
vision he said it looked grey to him, and that the open ing was obscured by a grey cloud to such an extent that he had to guess that it had an opening. He was told that the letter was black, perfectly black, and that the opening was perfectly white, with no grey cloud; and the card was brought close to him so that he could see that this was so. When he again regarded the let ter at the distance, he remembered its blackness so vividly that he was able to imagine that he saw it just as black as he had seen it at the near-point, with the opening perfectly white; and therefore he saw the let ter on the card perfectly black and distinct. In the same way he became able to read the seventy line; and so he went down the card, until in about five minutes he be came able to read at twenty feet the line which the normal eye is supposed to read at ten feet. Next dia mond type was given to him to read. The letters ap peared grey to him, and he could not read them. His attention was called to the fact that the letters were really black, and immediately he imagined that he saw them black and became able to read them at ten inches.
The explanation of this remarkable occurrence is simply relaxation. All the nerves of the patient's body were relaxed when he imagined that he saw the letters black, and when he became conscious of seeing the let ters on the card, he still retained control of his imagina tion. Therefore he did not begin to strain again, and actually saw the letters as black as he imagined them.
The patient not only had no relapse, but continued to improve. About a year later I visited him in his office and asked him how he was getting on. He re plied that his sight was perfect, both for distance and the near-point. He could see the motor cars on the