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The Original Bates Method, for correcting vision defects

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Too Good To Be True                 157
other side of the Hudson River and the people in them, and he could read the names of boats on the river which other people could make out only with a telescope. At the same time he had no difficulty in reading the news papers, and to prove the latter part of this statement, he picked up a newspaper and read a few sentences aloud. I was astonished, and asked him how he did it.
"I did what you told me to do," he said.
"What did I tell you to do?" I asked.
"You told me to read the Snellen test card every day, which I have done, and to read fine print every day in a dim light, which I have also done."
Another patient, who had a high degree of myopia complicated with atrophy of the optic nerve, and who had been discouraged by many physicians, was bene fited so wonderfully and rapidly by the aid of his imagi nation that one day while in the office he lost control of himself completely, and raising a test card which he held in his hand, he threw it across the room.
"It is too good to be true," he exclaimed; "I cannot believe it. The possibility of being cured and the fear of disappointment are more than I can stand."
He was calmed down with some difficulty and encour aged to continue. Later he became able to read the small letters on the test card with normal vision. He was then given fine print to read. When he looked at the diamond type, he at once said that it was impossible for him to read it. However, he was told to follow the same procedure that had benefited his distance sight. That is, he was to imagine a period on one part of the small letters while holding the type at six inches. After testing his memory of the period a number of times, he became able to imagine he saw a period perfectly black