The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment
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The Original Bates Method, for correcting vision defects

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158         Imagination as an Aid to Vision
on one of the small letters. Then he lost control of his nerves again, and on being asked, "What is the trouble?" he said:
"I am beginning to read the fine print, and I am so overwhelmed that I lose my self-control."
In another case, that of a woman with high myopia complicated with incipient cataract, the vision improved in a few days from 3/200 to 20/50. Instead of going gradually down the card, a jump was made from the fifty line to the ten line. The card was brought up close to her, and she was asked to look at the letter O at three inches, the distance at which she saw it best, to imagine that she saw a period on the bottom of it and that the bottom was the blackest part. When she was able to do this at the near-point, the distance was gradually in creased until she became able to see the O at three feet. Then I placed the card at ten feet and she exclaimed:
"Oh, doctor, it is impossible! The letter is too small. It is too great a thing for me to do. Let me try a larger letter first."
Nevertheless she became able in fifteen minutes to read the small O on the ten line at twenty-feet.