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The Original Bates Method, for correcting vision defects

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170               Shifting and Swinging
memory of the letter seen at the near-point helps to bring out the one at the distance.
Different people will find these various methods of shifting more or less satisfactory. If any method does not succeed, it should be abandoned after one or two trials and something else tried. It is a mistake to con tinue the practice of any method which does not yield prompt results. The cause of the failure is strain, and it does no good to continue the strain.
When it is not possible to practice with the Snellen test card, other objects may be utilized. One can shift, for instance, from one window of a distant building to another, or from one part of a window to another part of the same window, from one auto to another, or from one part of an auto to another part, producing, in each case, the illusion that the objects are moving in a direc tion contrary to the movement of the eye. When talk ing to people, one can shift from one person to another, or from one part of the face to another part. When reading a book, or newspaper, one can shift consciously from one word or letter to another, or from one part of a letter to another.
Shifting and swinging, as they give the patient some thing definite to do, are often more successful than other methods of obtaining relaxation, and in some cases re markable results have been obtained simply by demon strating to the patient that staring lowers the vision and shifting improves it. One patient, a girl of sixteen with progressive myopia, obtained very prompt relief by shifting. She came to the office wearing a pair of glasses tinted a pale yellow, with shades at the sides; and in spite of this protection she was so annoyed by the light that her eyes were almost closed, and she had great